Friday, 31 May 2013

Sweet combination set of Mani n Pedi

Pastel Pink & Yellow Mani. A very sweet combination. As for pedi, shimmer yellow, to match w/ mani colour. 

Shimmer Red Gelish Mani n Pedi

Shimmer Red Gelish w/ hand-painted NIl Art Mani & Pedi 

Striking Blue Pedi

Striking blue w/ flower nail art on big toes  pedi

Gold n Glitter Combination

Gold & Glitter combination Pedi

Beige n Glitter Gelish Mani

Beige & Glitter Brown Gelish Mani. Simple yet classy design

Flying Dragonflies Pedi

Flying dragonflies nail art Pedi

Double Dotting Pedi

Double Dotting nail art Pedi

Moo moo Moment

Moo moo nail art Mani

Fireworks Pedi

Dark Blue w/ fireworks nail art Pedi

Apple Green Mani

Apple Green w/ butterfly nail art Mani

Moo Moo Print Pedi

Moo moo Print Nail art Pedi

Tiger Print Mani

Tiger print Nail Art Mani

Ribbon n Hearts

Shimmer Pink gelish w/ 3D hearts & ribbons mani


Hearts on shimmer gold pedi

Brown Gelish Mani

Brown Gelish w/ hand-painted flower nail art mani

Lacey Flower

Lacey flower nail art Pedi

Classic French

Classic French Gelish Mani

Inconsistent Lining

Shimmer Gold w/ inconsistent Lining nail art pedi

White Wavy Feather

Melon purple w/ hand-painted feather nail art Pedi

Pinkish Beige

Pinkish Beige w/ simple lining nail art mani

Shimmery Natural Pink

Shimmer Pink gelish w/ simple flowery nail art Mani

Purple n Flower

Purple Gelish w/ hand-painted Flower Nail art on Big Toes Pedi

Cupcake, Chocolate, Lollipop

Dessert Gelish Pedi

Purple's World

Simple @ Classy Shimmer purple Gelish Pedi

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Gelish Holo Pyramid Manicure

Gel Extension w/ Gelish holo pyramid nail art... Cool to the max!!

Dessert Gelish Manicure

What a sweet dessert Gelish manicure set with pink base & the ring finger is for the choco lovers.... Can wait to take a bite!! 😋